Anne Pack - The Bright Lights of Ballinluig

RBCD 1037

I can hardly believe that half of the songs on this album came from my own pen. I don't think of myself as a song-writer - rather I think of myself as someone who fouters about with words and music. I'm so pleased I had so many topics to work with and the results of my fouterings are seven very different songs. I am glad that I got caught for speeding at Ballinluig on the A9, otherwise I would not have had the title track. It's an ill wind...

I'm hugely grateful to all the people who have been involved in this album. In particular I would like to thank Gillian for making such a magnificent job of the harmonies once again - my albums just wouldn't be the same without them, and Stuart for all the instrumentation, ideas, and sheer professionalism with which he packages my musical offerings.


1. The Bright Lights of Ballinluig (3:03)
2. The Rose (3:05)
3. Mingulay Boat Song (2:59)
4. I Wish (4:15)
5. There Was A Lad (3:42)
6. River of Pearls (4:32)
7. Dave (2:46)
8. Always Argyll (3:36)
9 Take a Hike (3:36)
10. Dark Lochnagar (3:23)
11. The Water is Wide (2:51)
12. I'm In Love With Scotland (3:38)
13. How Great Thou Art* (5:56)
14. Rannoch Moor (4:26)
*taken from RBCD 1020


Anne Pack - The Bright Lights of Ballinluig

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